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Photo by Arthur Aleksanian


My name is Alina Shevchenko and I’m an interior designer based in Warsaw, Poland.

I have created and decorated private as well as public interior spaces since, 2008.

Naturally, my vitality including my tremendous force of inspiration comes from painting, photography and traveling.

Since starting my education in 2003, I received my two Masters Degrees in Interior Design. My first was at the National Aviation University in Kyiv, Ukraine (Faculty of Architecture and Design, 2009) and second was at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland (Faculty of Interior Design, expositions, 2017).

With honor, I payed great attention to detail in my professional and creative developments. Some of which I participated in a large number of trainings and workshops. These included the International architectural workshop in Japan in 2016 and the author’s course of the architect and co-founder 2B GROUP Slava Balbek in 2014.

Furthermore, I had the privilege to work as an interior designer in a Kiev building company between 2010 to 2013. It was a great experience in the practicality of working within a team while designing the apartments and business class offices.

My main values in interior design are minimalistic solutions and prioritizing comfort. This is why I truly agree with worldwide famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who said that “LESS IS MORE”.

Currently, I am open to new artistic collaborations in creating stylish opportunities!